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Rachita Doctor-Shah

About Us

Dog-trition was started with the intention of enabling pet parents to give their fur babies better, healthier, fuller lives.  We firmly believe that food alone makes a tremendous impact on their health and wellbeing.

I’m Rachita Doctor-Shah, the face behind dog-trition; a certified Canine Nutritionist and a firm believer in the integrative and holistic approach to health and wellness.

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Our Story

Our journey began in 2015 when we got Cleopatra. She changed our world. We weren’t prepared for a high energy beagle!!! Anyway we learnt our way to Diana who came into our lives in 2017.

This was pretty much the time around when we realized that our world was not quite that perfect. We were told that Cleo was overweight… and also that she had this thing called “atopic dermatitis.” We were so scared hearing this, until we got out of the vet’s clinic and googled it and realised that it wasn’t a life threatening illness! That’s how clueless we were back then!

Then, the constant vet visits continued every time Cleo had a flare-up; we came back with a bunch of anti-histamines and immunosuppressants and steroids. That was just Cleo. With Daiyu there was a constant struggle with digestive issues.....gas, bloating, tummy upsets!


A couple months of this, and that’s when our journey truly began. We delved deep into reading and researching about atopy as well as the effects of the long term use of these medicines. We read and researched about natural ways to sort digestive issues as well.

Now there was no turning back! We were well on our way to try managing her condition through natural means to avoid these medications altogether. We stopped the medications completely. We realised that just the addition of cold-pressed coconut oil and spirulina into their diets had a magical transformation. We were sold!


And we hadn’t even gotten to the food yet! The girls were still on kibble! In any case, we studied and studied more and kicked the kibble shortly after! From then, it was just about an avid thirst for more and more knowledge to balance their diets, figure foods to heal, natural remedies, and so on!

The girls were just transformed…..thier energy, their skin, their coats, their digestion…..all completely changed for the better…or shall I say best?! And most importantly, I could sense my babies were CONTENT!

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